Inspired by the true artists of the past

Ever since I started research for various products requiring museum artifact based designs, I must admit to being in total awe of what, to me, was a totally new education and revelation. Let us not forget that those highly talented artists from ancient times, whichever material they were working with: gold, clay and marble to name but a few, had to sculpt, paint, draw or chisel their designs on tangible surfaces and get it right first time. In particular, the designs that may seem so simple to the eye, i.e the repetitive, often symmetrical and geometrical designs on pots and vessels are in reality SO difficult to reproduce with such precision and skill by hand, without the aid of the computers and graphic design programs

to hand nowadays.

Here is a little look at the stamp and pencil sets we have for sale exclusively at selected archaeological museums throughout Greece this year. We are very proud to have been given this opportunity to display our products in such revered settings and especially honored to have had such wonderful designs to inspire us and incorporate into the realm of our own product.

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