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Through AHUEOFGREEKBLUE, we want to share our passion for the simple things in Greece that we all know and love. The things that just shout GREECE and never fail to put a smile on our faces.  Just like these mischievous goats that we happened upon whilst in Mani!! 


You will find lighthearted, quirky, and playful designs, combined with contemporary products, a modern aesthetic, and a good dose of Greek sunshine. We hope our collection will bring back fond memories of trips to Greece, or kindle a desire to come and discover, everything that makes Greece what it is, for yourself. 


Quirky and fun designs. Quintessentially Greek, and made in Greece wherever possible!


We use 100% cotton in all our fabric items, with the sole exception of the water-resistant canvas used in our aprons, which we love as it keeps our aprons stain-free and clean - just the job!


This is a small Greek business,  your support is much appreciated!

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