Sarah first came to Greece from England over 25 years ago, and after completing her studies in Social Anthropology at SOAS, London, decided to settle here where she is married, raises a family and does her very best to learn Greek! She lives on mainland Greece, in the coastal town of Kavala. 

She started her business initially concentrating on designing craft stamps mounted on beautiful olive wood blocks, which explains why she has several tons of olive wood logs in her yard! Her olive wood stamps sell world-wide and exclusive stamp designs can be found in the Acropolis Museum in Athens, as well as National Archaeological Museums throughout Greece. Her stamps have also been on sale to accompany a recent exhibition in the British Museum, London.


Over the past 3 years, Sarah has been developing a light-hearted and quirky line of designs inspired by her living in Greece. These designs are now available in her AhueofGreekblue range and depict what she loves about Greece. Her approach may be a little naive, but who wants to take everything so seriously?! These new products can be found in a growing number of shops throughout Greece and offer an encounter with Greece through playful illustration and a modern aesthetic.

When Sarah isn't creating or packaging orders, she enjoys slow living: a little gardening, chilling with her cats and dogs, reading and seeing where her ventures will take her!

She hopes you enjoy her products, they are meant to make people smile and bring back fond memories of times in Greece or kindle a desire in people to come and discover Greece for themselves. Sarah has certainly enjoyed creating them!

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